Swimming pool Villa Gramde

Swimming pool rules:

The heated indoor swimming pool is available only for guests of the estabilishment; open between May and September from 10.00 to 19.00


- No lifeguard on duty
- Swimming cap is a must
- It is forbidden to walk with regular shoes or clothes in the swimming pool areas
- Swimmers below 18 years old must be accompanied and assisted by a parent or adult.
- Taking shower before bathing is mandatory. The shower is available in the pool toilet.
- Trollers or wheelchairs are forbidden inside the pool area.
- Do not run in the swimming pool room.
- Diving is forbidden, except from the trampoline.
- It is forbidden to swim with any kind of jewelry, earrings, eyeglasses and sunglasses on
- Must wear flip-flops in the swimming pool area
- It’s forbidden to push each other in and out the swimming pool
- It’s forbidden to spit or micturate in the pool.
- Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area.

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